High Value Processes
streamlined, structured, audit-proof *

Strategic Processes are often developed with the help of external consultants but then poorly implemented through more or less manual, sometimes with IT support in form of isolated (single purpose) applications.

Parmenides EIDOS Strategic Processes is a framework allowing to customize pre-defined process templates for critical and high value areas such as Sourcing, Sales Management, Corporate Strategy, Mergers & Acquisition or Monitoring & Evaluation to corporate needs and reality.

Strategic Planning

From a disconnected “yearly exercise” to a guiding, structured and manageable process: The Parmenides EIDOS Strategic Planning Process supports proper communication and translation of corporate level strategic thrusts and directions into implementable plans at operative levels.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategy development is not usually within the core competencies of a sourcing expert. The Parmenides EIDOS Strategic Sourcing Process Template helps fostering the dialogue with different business departments and ensures a common understanding of requirements, restrictions and priorities.

Mergers & Acquisition

A majority of mergers fail despite lots of experts convinced that the merger will be a great success. The Parmenides EIDOS M&A Process Template provides valuable tool support for the critical areas throughout the entire M&A process and helps to manage the process in a single comprehensive framework.

Strategic Selling

Managing complex sales in multi-decision makers environments is a challenge more than ever. Parmenides EIDOS Strategic Selling Suite is a comprehensive template for efficiently managing sales operations from market and client segmentation to opportunity management and sales performance measurement.

Sustainable Excellence Process

The Parmenides EIDOS Sustainable Excellence Process template provides tools and templates for the implementation of a sustainable organizational development model based on EFQM’s excellence model.

Risk Management

The more complex and dynamic our business or political environment gets, the more critical gets the anticipation of change and the management of those risks.

Furthermore EIDOS Strategic Processes can be connected to ERP Systems to integrate quantitative real-time data into qualitative strategic processes thus providing a real leverage of IT’s strategic output.

Additional Process Support for e.g.

Business Model Canvas

Strategic Multi Project Management

Core Competencies

Meeting Preparation

Meeting Facilitation

Generic Stage Gate Process


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* „Das Umweltprogramm Tunesien führt mindestens einmal jährlich mit den Partnern im Steuerungskomitee ein Monitoring des Programmfortschritts durch. Ein erstes umfassendes Wirkungsmonitoring wurde im Frühjahr 2006 durchgeführt. Auf der Basis der ThinkTools-Software (heute EIDOS, Anm. des Verfassers) und dessen Beobachtungsinstrument „Visual Score Map“ hat das Programm sowohl das Prozessmonitoring als auch das Wirkungsmonitoring dokumentiert und graphisch aufbereitet. Die Operationsplanung ist in das System integriert. (…) Die vom Programm gewählte Methode ist insgesamt beachtenswert und sollte als „good practice“ weiter verfolgt werden.“

PricewaterhouseCoopers, GTZ-Prüfung Externe Qualitätssicherung (April 2006)