Consulting / ThinkShops

EIDOS Thinkshops and EIDOS Consulting

Our approach highlights enabling our clients to apply our tools in order to meet their challenges.

EIDOS ThinkShops

Components of the ThinkShop

  • Introduction to a visual reasoning methodology that supports the human brain in dealing with high-level complexity and which represents knowledge in an interactively re-thinkable format
  • Study of selected powerful thought patterns and hands-on exercises in applying those to the challenge at hand.

Who should attend

Managers from the private and public sector who already work or will work together on the challenge.

The Key Take Aways

  • Concrete strategic proposals for challenging, costly or complex issues.
  • An even stronger team to carry out the strategic proposal following the ThinkShop.
  • Massively improved capability of participants to think innovatively and to develop solutions for unprecedented challenges.


  • Workshops over a couple of days to be booked in blocks.
  • Ten to fifteen people addressing a very specific strategic challenge of utmost complexity.

EIDOS Consulting

Please note: We are not a consultancy company.

As a small company with the defined objective of marketing Parmenides EIDOS, our growth model, is not in the consultancy business.

Our consultancy activities are limited to helping our clients to apply EIDOS to master their challenges. There are consultants working with our tools who are available to accompany your project.

We’ll be happy to refer a certified EIDOS consultant to you if you are not interested to adapt EIDOS in your corporation.

OUR APPROACH - enabling our users

Please don't get us wrong: EIDOS is a very efficient way to support consultative processes.

However, our approach is different: Like in the development aid context where we have learned that we should rather teach the poor how to fish than providing them with food, we prefer to help our clients to master their complex challenges with the support of Eidos.

Hence, our model is different to „classical" consulting as we take the time and make the effort to empower our users.

We don’t tell you what is good for you, what you should do or how to run your business. But we tell you how to use the Frameworks, process templates and tools we have built into Eidos in order to make the best possible use of our Parmenides Eidos Management Suite. It doesn’t need much training and our experience shows us how fast our clients are ready to go.

By the way: the people in the lower right corner of the screen that's us ;-)