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No need to take a lengthy seminar - a fast-track inhouse training course takes a day. A more relaxed training course to get familiar with EIDOS takes two days provided participants already have some knowledge about management tools and techniques.


A Two-Day Training Course includes a free one-month trial.

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Lots of help functions, templates & application examples

Parmenides EIDOS provides quick access to templates with pre-defined content, one or more application examples as well as tips and guidelines for each module and each Management Tool & Technique from Eidos Management Toolbox.

It has never been easier to apply approved tools than before. Would you still use a typewriter?

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Powerful Features

The results of each of the proven Management Tools integrated into the EIDOS Management Toolbox or your reasoning during a workshop can be converted directly into PowerPoint slides with a single click on the “Create Report” button. It's easier than snapping your fingers.

Complex problems are presented in a way that promotes discussion and critical reflection rather than tedious overdesigned PowerPoint presentations or lengthy hours in an excel stack maze. Nevertheless users enjoy a seamless integration of Excel and PowerPoint.

The example of the snapshots documents how strength of different tools are used to export consitency values to Excel allowing comparisons and calculations. The advantage of this approach is the possibility of allowing group work and the consolidation of results. This is an example how EIDOS combines the power of different tools and afterwards allows the import to display cognitively optimized visualizations.

Eidos Features

Parmenides EIDOS


Very easy to use

Users say: "The challenge isn't how to use the tools".
It's all about good thinking.

Our user friendly user interface focused on valuable functionality does the rest:

  • Use icon bars from left to right
  • Right click for quick access to features
  • Add attachments to every element
  • Drag and drop attachments from any element to any other element
  • Two hot-keys speed up adding or sorting elements