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Your EIDOS journey

We'll be happy to arrange a demonstration of Parmenides EIDOS in your company or institution.

Parmenides EIDOS Pilot Package

For institutions interested in piloting Parmenides EIDOS we offer a phased model with an implementation approach capable of demonstrating the full benefit of EIDOS, namely

  • an unlimited number of licenses
  • training of selected employees in several defined key areas and
  • support in selected project activities

over a period of two years for a package price. This approach allows you to assess EIDOS' usefulness for your organization and gain a grounded understanding of the fundamental change in the way your employees think and work with EIDOS.

How does it work?

As we understand it, there are two entry points that allow the scope of the pilot to be defined:

  • A couple of employees participate in the two-day Open EIDOS Training Course and assess the areas that would be prioritized for the pilot during the one-month license phase.
  • A one-day in-house workshop to define the areas to be prioritized for the pilot

Based on the defined scope of the pilot, we will develop an individual proposal for the pilot action containing the necessary licenses, training and support.

Trial Projects

Throughout our activities over the past years, most of our large industry clients asked us to run a trial project in order to

  • "better understand how EIDOS works" and
  • "convince others with the results" and
  • "assess the usefulness of EIDOS for the organization."

Retrospectively, this was not the best idea for a couple of good reasons that we are pleased to share with you in a dialogue.

This is why we offer an approved "Parmenides EIDOS Pilot Package" to ensure you get the best possible value for your money.