Strategic Planning

Large corporations usually run a „strategic planning process“ once a year. Driven by a central department, this process often is detached from the reality as perceived in the organizations' sub-structures and degraded to an exercise of completing PowerPoint slide sets with neither a guiding effect for the sub-structures nor an analytical advantage for the level of the corporation.

EIDOS strategic planning template

We know that it is not possible to provide the one strategy-planning template.

This is why we offer a customizable framework to be adapted to the individual situation of an organization and its environment. However, there’s a generic part of the process we have built into the template: As planning at the corporate level requires information and data from the substructures, a bottom up analytical phase is followed by a central strategic planning exercise. Once the plan is set at central level, the communication and adaptation at sub-structure level takes place.

The Parmenides Eidos strategic planning process template provides the needed tools and explanations for each of the phases.

Strategic Continuity

The often found disconnect between a centralized strategic planning team and the sub-structures of an organization often thwarts the purpose of a (yearly) strategic planning process in an organization:

  • Guidance for the entire organization based on a strategy developed under consideration of internal and external drivers and the evaluation of strategic options based on efficiency and strategy robustness.
  • The Parmenides Eidos strategic planning process dissolves the disconnect and supports proper communication and translation of corporate level strategic thrusts and directions into implementable plans at operative levels.
  • The “yearly exercise” is turned into a truly guiding, structured and manageable process.

Corporate backbone

Over time, the different elements of the planning processes over the years contribute to building up a corporate knowledge backbone.

Not only progress over time can be documented and evaluated, but analysis from the past can be reassessed to foster learning processes, priorities can be reviewed and changes tracked over the years. In such manner a true corporate memory builds up.

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EIDOS Corporate Backbone


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EIDOS Strategic Planning Template?

Core features of the Strategic Planning Template

Strategic plans are often outdated once they are written down on paper. The formats in which strategies are captured, refined and communicated are not flexible enough and often not made for this purpose. Why not using an appropriate solution?

  • Efficient annual corporate planning
  • No more battles with slides, misused templates, buzzwords or design competitions
  • Benefit from a lingua franca
  • Easy commenting, reviewing and progress monitoring - year by year.
    Thus: sustainable documentation!
  • Easy transition from the current process to a state-of-the-art strategic planning solution

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