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EIDOS bridges the gap between different "Worlds of Thinking"

Linking qualitative and quantitative reasoning

Strategist’s View

Sees the big picture – scenarios of the future, systemic analysis of today as reference points for defining the overall roadmap.

Marketing/Business View

Discussions and assumptions about future development as well as risk analysis lead to different evaluations of business success and business value over time.

Finance View

Contracts and business cases are often based on assumptions derived from talking with sales people about growth rates and future sales performance. How can we cope with new insights and verify their impact?

Visionary’s View

Qualitative reasoning is necessary here because it is not possible to predict the future based on past outcomes.

Legal/Admin View

Transparency and documentation of both qualitative and quantitative aspects of processes and decisions belong to today’s compliance requirements.

Engineer’s View

Balancing sound experience with project promises. Challenging business cases that are often based on biased assumptions about the future.